GlassWire 2.3.343 Problem Facing

Hello Everyone I am a newcomer to this group. Basically, I am a web developer by profession. Right now I am developing the [best HRMS software in Kolkata]. But after installing the latest version of GlassWire 2.3.343, some lagging problems are showing and coming. So can anyone please check from the problems are coming and how to get rid of this issue. Basically, after installing the latest versions these issues are coming and also sometimes my system gets fully hanged.


Sorry for the issue. We have made no changes to any blocking technology, or anything that could cause lag.

For the “fully hang…” situation, are you seeing a .dmp file on your desktop? If so, then GlassWire is crashing and causing the issue, but if not it may not be GlassWire that’s causing it.

If you do see the .dmp, could you email it to us using a cloud system like Google Drive or Dropbox?