GlassWire 2.3.343 released with redesigned alerts!

Version 2.3.343 - (September 20, 2021)

Hash Full # 48748BB5CF39E3899D01DB6F077224639B46778E62D9209A2E5B61DE41CE2790
Hash Lite # B79A5C6141EAC319B939867C8A1F8CFD2999EF9024E0A50B8D3BC52962D7DEFB

  • GlassWire alerts are now completely redesigned! Now you can manage your alerts in a much easier way. Set unimportant alerts as “logs” where they don’t show up on the desktop, then set other alerts as “important” where they do. Go to our alerts pane, then go to the top left and click the small settings icon. Next choose “alerts settings” to set up any security alerts however you prefer!
  • GlassWire “while you were away” summaries now appear on the alerts pane.
  • Some alerts are now on by default for new users, but the less important alerts appear under the alerts “logs” area.
  • Receive a lot of GlassWire alerts at once? Now the alerts are stacked one on top of each other, so they don’t take up so much of your screen real estate.
  • It’s now possible to make alerts unread. Mouse over the alert you want to make unread, then click the three dot menu on the right side.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

Find an issue? Please let us know so we can improve.


Hello Ken,

Great work done.

I suggest an improvement : that the lines are more compact so that there are more lines on a screen.

I will share this with our team, thanks!

There is a translation error in French : “Vieille” is the feminine of “Vieux”.
I propose the following translations (see screenshot)

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Thanks for finding the issue. If you were to pick one word, which one is most correct? I see three options.

I would choose “Précédente”

Ken: KUDOS - the new presentation for alerts is a radical improvement! A really good design/GUI approach. I like the organization by date and the wider lines as it makes viewing/reading/finding/clearing each alert much easier/quicker.

…a quick thought: offer a single click clearing option for each of the date groups…perhaps by clicking on the date itself…

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Thanks @galileo, I will share this with our team also.

Hi Ken
Enjoying the new changes to the redesigned alerts and the various changes
one can do in the Settings/Security - Alerts level.
Thank you GW team

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Thank you! We’ll keep working to improve the app even further and we appreciate your kind words.