GlassWire 2.3.359 now available

This major update lets you update GlassWire from GlassWire itself, instead of having to manually download our app from our website. Upgrade now!

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Hi Ken - his is a great addition.

But I updated to 359 and went looking for an option to “check for updates” or notice that I am “using the latest release” or something and could not find anything?

Will it only show its face when an update is available?

I would prefer to have an option to either check for an update or notification that I am up-to-date. Otherwise, I am sort of left wondering.

I think on the “About” screen would be a good place.

Cheers, Chris

Yes, for this first version it only appears when the update is available. I agree it’s a good idea to add the ability to check for updates, kind of like how I do with my browser. Thanks for your feedback!

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