GlassWire: A Memory Hog

I was amazed at the amount of memory that GlassWire is eating up. It’s nearly 400MB!! You gotta be kidding me.

I really love GlassWire, but using this much memory is ridiculous. I might think of moving to another firewall which I really hate :frowning:

Am unable to post images because am a “new user” :expressionless:

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Sorry for the problem. GlassWire is in beta and keeping resource usage low is one of our top priorities. We will continue to improve this as time goes on.

So far I have never seen memory usage that high personally, maybe try deleting your history under “settings” and restarting GlassWire to see if it solves it until we get a fix out? Thanks for reporting this.

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I’ve noticed this too. The memory consumption is around 400MB.

The hint to delete the history brought it down to 62MB (less than Skype or Dropbox, so thats ok for me).

Keep it Rocking! GlassWire is a very cool tool :slight_smile:

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Thanks Servo, that helped. Now it’s back to 40MB

Earlier this morning, the resource usage shot upto 500MB but now everything’s fine. You should do something about this, else many users will continue to report this and will move away from GlassWire.

Of course we will do something about it. It’s a priority, but it’s not easy so it will take awhile as we release new versions.

My experience is that the longer Glasswire runs and the more history it generates, the larger the memory usage. Glasswire running for a year on my server should be a couple gigabytes in memory usage as 2 weeks was enough for a couple 100mb’s. It started out at around 40mb’s

But since the memory usage was getting out of hand i removed it


Sorry for the high memory usage! We’re still in beta and we’ll continue to improve resource usage as time goes by. I hope you’ll give GlassWire a try again in the future.

Suggestion: provide configurable option to automatically delete history older than xx days.


We’re currently working on adding that ability. I agree that it will probably help a lot.

Hi Servo_GlassWire,
I noticed that deleting all but “last week’s history” still consumes around 250 MB of RAM.
Alongwith the option of automatically deleting history older than X days, it would be better if you implement loading the history data at runtime as the user needs.

So you’d save the history onto a file on HDD and avoid loading it until the user wishes to see history of X day.
Keeping only the current day’s data into RAM would significantly reduce the amount of RAM consumption.


Just to add to this, I saw memory and CPU shoot up as I added VM nets using VMWare. I don’t know if Glasswire will monitor any and every interface real or virtual, but it seems correlated. I saw no setting to include or exclude network interfaces to monitor. I hope that would become a feature soon as I don’t really need to monitor my private, VM networks.

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clearing the history brought it down from 1.3Gigs of memory usage to 250Mb. it seemed to get worse with the latest release.
Previous version, only ran up about 400Mb.
That’s 1.0.30 to 1.0.35 i seem to be getting the issue too.
there is something else too, for some reason it affects other things like audio, as son as I hear my audio start to drag, I kill glasswire and it goes back to normal.
I would upload the screenshots i have been taking at various intervals, but new users cant add images.

@gewgaw, You can upload them to an image hosting website such as imgur and post the links.

Has this issue been resolved? I still have the large memory usage and I don’t want to clear out the history either. I like the idea above on not loading the whole history onto memory and just access it from the hard drive as the user needs it. I’ve disabled GlassWire for now until it’s been resolved.

An upcoming release will have changes that will help with memory usage quite a lot, then later we’ll make additional changes that should help solve the problem completely.