Glasswire access to offline desktop

While using my desktop offline, ie, with ethernet cable disconnected, I was surprised to see Glasswire actively adding content. How is this achieved? Would this connectivity be available to a hacker?

Computers may have activity on the LAN, or attempt to, even when unplugged. Does it have WiFi?

Not to my knowledge. If I uninstall GlassWire (remove), the notification screens in the notification area, stay blank and don’t register any activity. With the ethernet cable disconnected, the internet access icon in the notification are shows a bold red X. Notwithstanding, GlassWire stays active.

You can click the activity on the graph and see the apps/hosts/traffic in detail. Please email us if the info (a screenshot) if you feel it’s a bug.


GlassWire is not just recording activity while connected. GlassWire records activity even when there is no network connection: Internet connection lost; Application version/info changed; idle time; etc.

This GlassWire “activity” is probably not “connectivity” if there is no active wired or wireless network connnection. But you’d have to provide the info for the GlassWire team to confirm this.

To affect your computer system a hacker requires access. If neither of these methods are available to the hacker then you don’t need to worry:

  • physical access
  • remote access i.e. a wired or wireless network connection to your computer via the local network or the Internet
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