Glasswire affects bandwidth

Just got a 10 Gbps connection and spent a while troubleshooting bandwidth issues : it was Glasswire all along.

At those speeds, remote servers aren’t to be trusted. So i only monitor locally, from my router to my PC, with a tool made for it.

7.5 Gbps with Glasswire Control Service stopped
2.6 Gbps with Glasswire Control Service started

All public speedtests also show the difference.

This is on a brand new PC (z690, 12700K, 32Gb, Mellanox 10Gb controller on PCIe 3.0 4x)

My previous PC had limited PCIe bandwidth so i don’t entirely blame you for making me buy a new rig :wink:

Anyways, do you guys know if we can disable everything but firewall? Since you’re hooked up to windows firewall, i figure it’s not the culprit. Other stuff like bandwidth monitor are more likely to be blamed?

Available for testing at your convenience

Thanks for your help

Sorry for being off-topic but, what do you do for a living to buy such a PC rig? I hope the glasswire support will help you as fast as possible.

Thanks for your feedback. We will investigate and try to recreate the issue on our own networks. I apologize for the problem.

To have our firewall turn off, just go to our firewall tab and click the off button.

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Just discovered you have a Lite build, same results unfortunately :frowning:

Follow up: I did further tuning to reach 9.5 Gbps without Glasswire, and now with your new build I get 6.5 Gbps. So i think your latest optimizations did add a few gigs ! I’ll live with 6.5Gbps, thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m glad the update was an improvement, and sorry for the issue.