Glasswire and bitdefender

Hi all,

I’m considering to buy/use Glasswire, but i got a question:

How well does Glasswire work with antivirus products? I got Bitdefender does this give any conflitcs? Any products Glasswire can’t work with?

Thanks in advance


GlassWire works with most antivirus products because GlassWire isn’t an antivirus, so it doesn’t have to fight for Windows OS antivirus status. If you run into any issues let us know and we can make suggestions to solve it but I think some people in our antivirus poll have mentioned they use Bitdefender.

Want suggestion on Bitdefender.

Hi Ken,
FYI If people ask about Bitdefender as an example. I know they have 3 versions of the product. Two of them have firewalls, so this could cause some problem blocking things with both in use. My thought would be just use the version of Bitdefender that does not include a firewall and use Glasswire for the Firewall.

At work we install BitDefender on client computers all the time… I’ve seen it block and interfere with things like Quicken/Sage, and more.

My honest opinion is that it tries to hard, blocks legitimate things, and is just annoying overall.

There’s no real reason to use it when Windows Defender is the top-rated anti-virus. If anything, pair it with Malwarebytes and you’re set.

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