GlassWire and Hyper-V

Hi Guys,

Been trying out GlassWire for the past week, love it.

I use Hyper-V quite extensively, but data used by Hyper-V guests dont seem to register with GlassWire. GlassWire is installed on the parent partition (the main Operating System ie not inside Hyper-V). Is there a way to get GW to monitor traffic used by child partitions (the guests within Hyper-V)?

Thanks very much

GlassWire can’t detect traffic by a guest OS because it doesn’t pass through our driver. We recommend you install GlassWire on each guest OS to solve this.

No problem, thanks. Or I could upgrade to pro and connect to the vms using a remote connection? They do have IPs that are accessible on the host OS.

You can try remote connections with the free version first before buying.