GlassWire and Mullvad VPN double counting


I have noticed that GlassWire shows almost double the amount of data usage with Mullvad VPN. The VPN app usage is always a little more than other apps combined. Is there a solution for that?


VPN apps use more bandwidth because they encrypt your data, so it should add at least 15% or more extra data. Is it actually almost double, or could it be closer to 15%?

Is this for Android or Windows?

It is almost double. Definitely way more than 15%. I’m on Windows 10.

Thanks for your report, we will investigate and try to recreate this issue.

Hello Ken, I am experiencing this exact same thing, and am not sure if it is Mullvad using way more data than it should, or if Glasswire is giving a false reading. I would like further clarification about the issue if you guys are able to figure it out. Searching online didn’t help at all. On Glasswire, my Mullvad shows as using basically twice as much data as everything else. I need to know if it is glasswire giving a false reading, or mullvad actually using twice as much data, since I am on a metered internet connection, with limited data per month. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your report @DougyDimm. We will see if we can get an account with them to test.

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thank you very much for the fast response! I appreciate your support! hope you guys are able to figure out what the issue is and can report back. have a great day, and thanks again!
For a little bit of further detail, it seems to do it on both openvpn and wireguard tunnels, I have it set to automatic port (haven’t tried the other options for the port) , and bridge mode is also set to automatic, and enable ipv6 is off. If any further detail is needed, feel free to contact me.

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