Glasswire and the Windows 10 upgrade

With less than a week to go, I was wondering what the current status is on Glasswire in Windows 10 - is it working, and if not will it receive an update for Win10’s release?

Also, should premium users be uninstalling/deactivating Glasswire prior to the Windows 10 update to avoid conflicts?

Sorry if these questions sound silly, but I want to make sure everything I use is going to work before I hit that upgrade button on the 29th!

We updated our download page last night to confirm we support Windows 10 with our current release, and our next update that will be out shortly. If you run into any problems after upgrading to Windows 10 try uninstalling GlassWire, then reinstalling. Your paid version should still be functional after the uninstall/reinstall but if it’s not you can re-activate by looking at your original order email and re-using your code.

And of course if you run into any other problems we’re here to help you.

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Damn you guys are quick to reply. Sorry I didn’t notice that earlier, I actually checked yesterday as well before it was updated when I thought “I should really ask about that”. Thanks!

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I’ve been running on Win10 fine, save for this problem: (I would link it but “new user can’t put links in posts”–it’s the constant “Attempting connection” issue)

It doesn’t appear to be Win10-specific, however.

Additionally, I don’t think Win10 will be without bugginess 29 July (RTM certainly is “beta”).

We think we have fixed the “attempting connection” issue in the next release. I hope you’ll test and give feedback as soon as it’s live.

I don’t mind running “nightlies” :smiley:

Email our helpdesk with the email address you used for this forum, and send a link to this thread.

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