Glasswire Android does not count in data plan


I have the the problem that glasswire does not count data in my individual data plan. In usage view or diagram view it counts. Whats can I do?


Do you use Android’s “Data Saver” mode? If so please go to the Data Saver control panel, then white list GlassWire there and it will solve the problem.

Glasswire does not appear in data saver mode.

But in in the android app settings I have set it to be able to use mobile data, wlan data and background data. And in accu settings I have set glasswire to be always active.
The problem is not, that glasswire does not count data, it does perfectly, except in my data plan.
In Data plan there is always shown 0 KB, while otherwiese in Diagram view or usage view everything is counted correctly.


If you uninstall/reinstall GlassWire, does it solve it? Perhaps it lost the OS permission it needs to track data usage?

If that does not work, please use mobile data then go to the GlassWire top left menu and choose “send feedback” so we can get logs and see what’s happening from your phone. Perhaps there is a problem with your phone type.

did not help. I have sent “feedback”.


Thank you. We will see how we can solve this for your phone type. I apologize for the problem.