GlassWire App blocker wont block Fortnite?

Using GW 2.2.268 Pro. After inspecting a window of traffic, identified Fortnite as an app and added it to the blocked list. The attached picture shows this set correctly. However the app is still working and traffic is still flowing to associated hosts. Am I doing something wrong or expecting more from GW than I should?


Sorry for the issue. Do you use any VPN software, and if so which one?

If you go to the graph/apps is Fortnite sending data there? It’s possible the graph on the firewall tab just shows old data before the app was blocked. It has a longer time period.

PIA is installed but not active on the client machine. Fortnite is running and active as can be seen from the 5 minute Graph shown below.


Strange. Are you using any other firewall software that could be conflicting with ours? Did you install a firewall previously?

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire.
Go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose "restore defaults.
Install GlassWire and check the “reset firewall” box.
Start GlassWire’s firewall (make sure it’s set to on) then try “ask to connect” or another mode and block Edge or IE and try to use it.