Glasswire Basic

Do you have exclusion feature for processes that are known and need no notification? I don’t know how to turn off notifications that are not necessary without turning off all notifications. Glenn c

It sounds like you only want a notification with GlassWire if an app is analyzed by VirusTotal? GlassWire has a feature like this, but it’s not necessary to pay for it because it’s a free part of our software.

Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then “security” and disable any types of notifications you don’t want.

Next go to the “VirusTotal” option in GlassWire’s settings and you can set up “enable manual file analysis by VirusTotal” then also check the box “Automatically analyze”.

Now go back to GlassWire’s security options and choose the VirusTotal option to get notified of VirusTotal scan results. Maybe this is what you’re looking for?

Thanks for trying GlassWire.

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