Glasswire becomes sluggish and unresponsive

Once I open GW, if I click on any tab or detail on a tab, GW becomes unresponsive for quite a while. The cursor is round. I am not using FW.
At times windows asks me if i wish to wait for app to respond or close the app.
Very frustrating.
I have excluded GW in my security suites.
Any help would be useful


How long have you used GlassWire? Are you new, or have you been using our software for awhile?

Are you using Bittorrent?

If you go to our top left menu and choose “About” what version do you see?

Do you see any .dmp files on your desktop?

Thanks for your prompt response.
I have been using GW for several years now.
Version 2.2.241
No .dmp files on desktop
Yes I use bittorrent.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

If you stop Bittorrent temporarily does it solve the issue?

Bittorrent is of most of the time. Right now when the GW problem is present, Bittirrent is OFF.


Please try the new version of GlassWire that will come out tomorrow. We have a “Lite” version and our normal version. The “Lite” version is best for Bittorrent users, so I recommend that one.

I’ll announce the update in the forum.

Tried the Lite version and it was quire responsive.
But then uninstaklled and then reinstalled the new full version 258.
Very responsive also.
I guess v 241 was the culprit for the previous unresponsiveness.
Thanks again.


I am glad the new normal GlassWire version is working well for you. It’s true that it has some modifications to make it work more efficiently also.