Glasswire BETA updates


Do you planning some kind of BETA releases for people eager to see and test new functionalities?


GlassWire is currently in beta. We plan to launch our 2.0 version, then leave beta soon after.


That wasn’t what I meant. I did not realized that the Glasswire is currently in Beta as beta. Question was more about If you will release beta-updates like snapshots or nightly builds to get features/fixes more often and sooner, even if they are bit unstable. Of course only as opt-in feature not as default option - like two branches of updates, default as stable for everyone and beta for adventurous ones.
As example 1 Password and lot other programs does similar.


GlassWire uses a driver so it’s more complex than software that does not use a driver, so we worry releasing a snapshot could cause system instability. I think in GlassWire’s case it doesn’t make sense to do a build like that because users would crash frequently and become upset with us.

We prefer to run any new updates through our Quality Assurance group before releasing them.

We do have a testing group though so if you’d like to email our contact page with the subject “testing group” I can add you to that list. Thanks!


I’m wondering how one might apply/signup to participate in the beta testing community? Looking forward to seeing v2!


@iqme - sign up here, thanks!


Done! Itching to receive the invite :slight_smile:

waiting game now …