I use Bitdefender on my Windows 10 laptop. Will GlassWire conflict with Bitdefender, regarding the firewall? I only want to be able to view the realtime data usage on my laptop.


GlassWire should not conflict with any security software that I know of. Especially if you set our firewall to “Off” and use GlassWire purely as a network security monitor.

If you set our firewall to “On” then consider unblocking your other antivirus applications so they can work properly.

The issue GlassWire users usually see is that a few antivirus applications sometimes disable the Windows Firewall API and that can make GlassWire unable to use its firewall features. We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking specifically so it won’t cause issues with third party applications and other IT/Infosec setups within organizations and businesses.

Unfortunately some other applications do not behave the same way.

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