Glasswire blockt Server

Glasswire blocks the Windows Server 2012 R2 with VPN temporarily completely.
(Communication Server in Hyper-v)

Thank you for your report. We will investigate and try to reproduce. Are you in “ask to connect” mode or “click to block”?

Firewall: click to block
In Hyper-v running 4 Servers (2012 R2 Standard) all with Glasswire, linked to “Master” Glasswire on Controller Station. All works well except the Communication Server with VPN.
Another administrator told me something similar and uninstall Glasswire.

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GlassWire does not block anything by default. Please try the following:

  1. Switch off Windows firewall and reset it to its defaults;

  2. Install GlassWire with its clean install option and check the issue again;

  3. Switch on the GlassWire firewall in Click to block mode (all the apps should be unblocked) and check the issue;

  4. Block the apps one by one and check the issue after every block.