Glasswire can't connect to server

My Win7 crashed and I had to reinstall (saving existing files). I attempted to reinstall Glasswire from an old Inst/Setup file in my Windows.old download folder. I got the msg ‘GW cannot connect to local server’ and then it shutdown. I reattempted downloading from the 'net, Yes, my Mozilla is working, so I think everything should be fine network adapter-wise. It still ‘can’t find server’…PS: I did try uninstalling GW, rebooting and reinstalling with the box checked for a clean install…still can’t find server. All other pgms requiring Internet access are working.

If GlassWire’s Windows service is not starting please try the following:

  1. Uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs. Don’t use a third party uninstaller.

  2. Reboot your PC - don’t skip this step or the fix won’t work.

  3. Reinstall GlassWire but please be sure you select the “clean install” option inside our installer.

Did it solve it?

No. Because I had already done those steps (as stated in my post). I tried that process two more times after the first attempt didn’t work.
Do I need to delete some things in regedit or something???

The only thing I can think of ( since you have windows 7) is check to make sure you have the latest version of Glasswire for W7. You may have to download it from the site. Hope that helps!


If GlassWire’s graph will still not load please check to see if the following Windows services are running in the Windows task manager:

WlanSvc (WLan AutoConfig)
BFE (Base Filtering Engine)
EventLog (Windows Event Log)
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OK. Whew! I think I figured it out myself, but thanks all for the suggestions…
I went into Regedit and deleted everything named “Glasswire” that it would let me delete (all but one item): This is after an Uninstall and Reboot of course. My Win7 had crashed and I was mainly trying to retrieve my Desktop files when I reinstalled (saving existing files). Something in Windows.old or elsewhere was not deleting with the Uninstall and it was apparently corrupting the fresh install. Manually purging GW from my Registry fixed it. Ahhh… You get used to having this program running… it feels like someone yanked your security blanket away! :slight_smile:

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I’m glad it’s working. Sorry for the issue. I have never heard of the registry having something to do with this so that’s very unusual.

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Hi Ken, I have a new issue since getting the graph back up. In my firewall there is a greyed out icon that says “System”. I know it sounds innocuous, but I didn’t have this icon in my list before. I am extremely tidy about that list and use Ask to Connect constantly. When I click on it, all of the details; name, version, etc say “none”. I can’t Flame this icon or remove it. It has more traffic flowing thru it than my Windows Host Service which is a normal icon.
I’m a little paranoid about this because I was forced to buy a Win7 Repair, Recover, Reinstall disc from Amazon to fix this PC and it came with a myriad of network drivers and who knows what else on it.
Is there a way to manually disable this “System” process? If it wasn’t in my Firewall list before, IMO, it shouldn’t be in that list now.


This is the Windows system. We are actually discussing this internally.

Blocking the Windows “System” causes issues with Windows itself so it’s not recommended, however we may add the ability anyway with the next GlassWire update. Or we’ll add more of an explanation about it.

What’s your opinion? Should we allow users to block it even though it may cause a lot of issues with Windows itself?

I am one of your early subscribers; I have used GW for a few years. At some iteration of GW I removed the System icon/process from my firewall list, not just Flamed it, removed it. My PC had been working well for years with GW, Malwarbytes and Webroot all running to keep it safe.

My PC crashed (I lost my User Profil) because one of the endless Windows updates got interrupted by a power failure and it corrupted that profile. Typical fixes like renaming the .bak file in the registry didn’t work.

So, I’m not personally aware of what consequences not allowing “System” to have Internet access has. Maybe its more of an issue in later Win versions. I liked XP, that was the last version I liked. I have two laptops one with 8 and one with 10; I like both of them even less than Win 7. I hate how invasive Windows/MS is. When Win7 finally gets retired in a few months, I am considering going to a Linux O.S., but there goes my GW, MWB and WR! At least Mozilla will still work! :wink:

IMO, “System” should definitely be blockable. Just like blocking Windows Host Process Svc, if someone blocks it and then can’t go on the Internet or do something else they want to do, they can unblock it. Win Host Proc Svc was the Only Windows process that I hadn’t blocked (or removed) on my firewall list because I couldn’t find a way around it.

I would make this general recommendation: that if there is a process that GW considers vital to have firewall access: GW Svc, System, etc. That you could add a prominent flag somewhere to remind the user that an important service is being blocked by GW. Like the way Webroot changes the color of their toolbar icon if there is an issue. I haven’t used the “Block All” function very often, but more than once (embarrassingly) when I have turned off my PC with that function active and then started it up a few days or weeks later, I have checked thru my router LAN connections, etc trying to figure out why my Internet isn’t working…Duh!! I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s done that! So, it would be nice in general to have a flag (that didn’t require opening GW to see it) that could remind us “Senior Moment users” when something important is being blocked by GW, like say… the Internet, for example!

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I forgot to ask… Don’t you think it’s strange that this new “System” icon has ‘none’ listed for the name, version, publisher, etc under Details? Like I mentioned, I hadn’t had that icon/process active in my firewall for years before I used this Amazon purchased Repair/Reinstall disc. So, I don’t remember what the Details showed on my original System icon, but I would have thought a legit process would have at least have “Microsoft” listed as the publisher!?

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I don’t think you should block anything if it could cause instability in Windows.


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I agree, it is very weird! We are discussing adding some notes there too as long as we can be sure GlassWire won’t add the same notes to a future fake “System”. That would be bad!

Yes! That would be VERY bad! Is there a certain server type or a way to distinguish legitimate MS IP addresses to confirm that traffic passing back and forth thru this “System” process is legitimate? I would think that a company as big as Microsoft would have some sort of “fingerprint/signature” that would be distinguishable (as far as the locations that this data was coming and going from) to sort out the legit process from a fake. Sorry for the very “un-technical” terminology here. I’m a mechanical engineer, not a computer person!

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Not sure if you comment was directed to Ken (Glasswire) or myself.

It sounds like GW is considering making it POSSIBLE for USERS to block this “System” service/process (themselves), or not. I don’t think that GW makes the decission to block anything; they just give the users options to block things.

Similar to a Phone App informing you that if you say No to certain permissions or Force Stop, ‘some functions of your phone may not work properly’ it seems like a warning like that would be in order, but IMO, the owner of the device should have that choice available. That said, blocking that process/service should be reversible if things don’t work, just like the phone app parameters.

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No, I think it should be left alone. Just give an explanation of what it does and why it shouldn’t be blocked and leave it up to them. You’ll save yourself a lot headaches because you’re going to have a lot of people complaining about how Glasswire broke their computer! Lol! Just my opinion!

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Batpup, I personally wouldn’t be AS concerned if I hadn’t had to use a 3rd party disc/pgm to get my PC working again. As it is, I am not doing online banking or other sensitive stuff on this PC until I figure this out. BTW, in switching to my Win 8 laptop to do that business, I noticed that the GW firewall on that device ALSO does not have System listed on the firewall…So, not sure what all the Gloom & Doom about system not having “liberties” online is about?..I haven’t seen any problems after years of running that way. I can probably do this myself thru the Windows firewall by manually deleting/blocking it in there. If GW isn’t going to help make this option available, that’s what I will probably have to do. Bear in mind, we are hearing DAILY about NEW ways that hackers are hijacking data and people’s accounts and making their victims’ lives Nightmares as well as stealing money from their accts that is often NOT retrievable (FDIC insures against bank failures, not fraud against individuals). I think since Glasswire’s “main purpose in life” seems to be to offer their customers protection against this kind of thing, there should be some kind of option to block Whatever The Heck YOU want to block, period. Maybe in the case of “System” it should take some extra steps and include some warnings and be easily reverseable (as blocking anything seems to be in GW). That said, Ken, if you could send me an off-Forum email with instructions on how to do this thru the Windows Firewall, it would save me a lot of trouble and I would appreciate it. Thank you!