Glasswire can't connect to the local server

I’ve just instaled glasswire through the 360 total security antivirus. but when I started glasswire, even after rebooting the computer, the program cant connect to the local server.
no matter what I do, it always says the same. I’ve tryed disabling windows defender, windows firewall and the 360 total security, leaving my computer unprotected, but it says the same: the glasswire service stoped working, with a button saying connect.

Hello Joao,

We found the reason for this bug and we plan to have an update out next week that will solve it. The update will also be distributed with 360 Total Security. Meanwhile you can uninstall GlassWire for now, or keep it running and it will alert you about the upgrade. Sorry for the problem.

even now with the update, I continue with the same problem :frowning:
what can I do?

I uninstalled the older version I had, installed the new version (1.1.21b) and it’s the same problem: the glasswire services stopped working saying below: restart glasswire and connect.

the program can’t connect to local server even after this new release.

I am running a computer with i5, AMD radeon R7, 4GB DDR3 ram and a 802.11 b/g/n/ + BT wireless drive if that helps.

Please go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire then go to your ProgramData folder and delete the “GlassWire” folder, then reboot, then reinstall the latest version again and let me know your results.

same problem.
I even added glasswire to windows firewall, but its the same.
I did everything you said, uninstalled, removed glasswire folder under hidden “program data” folder, restarted my computer, and even having the actuall version of the program, I downloaded again and installed it.
still with all I did, the problem won’t give up…

and why new users can’t put images or links? it would be a lot better to put the problems visually than written…

We use a third party forum called Discourse and it’s set up this way for some reason. I’ll see if there is a way to change the settings. I think that Discourse is set up to avoid spam.

Please email our helpdesk and I’ll see if we can send you a special GlassWire version that will allow you to send us some logs with email. Thanks!

The problem persists for me also with 1.1.21b.

All I did was exit GlassWire for a few minutes and re-run it; it looped, “Attempting Connection…”.

Clearing all history, per usual, corrected it.

Rolo, I do that every 15 days. 360 total security already clean some temp and cache files, but I use a program similar to ccleaner to clean my computer every week, called advanced uninstaller pro. every 15 days I use all the features it has, including registry cleaning, optimization, erase temp files from windows and even history files from my browser.

besides, I use also the native program, I dont know it’s name in english, with admin privileges, and clean my disc.

I think it’s that what you are meaning.

For fixing this problem, I mean only to use the clear all history function in the GlassWire Settings… menu. It has to be “all” history; keeping day/week doesn’t resolve the connection issue.

As for the other stuff:

  • I use 360 TS Essentials; I don’t like/use the other stuff
  • I use CCleaner w/CCEnhancer after patch Tuesdays or after a software install/reboot
  • I use SoftOrganizer for installation monitoring/uninstalling–nothing else comes close (I’ve used them all)

Windows Disk Cleanup is probably what you’re referring to. CCleaner handles everything it does I think.

I unintentionally hijacked your thread; your issue isn’t the same as mine. If your GlassWire service isn’t started, there is nothing for the GlassWire GUI to connect to.

Have you tried restarting the GlassWire Control service in Computer Management | Services?

If it doesn’t start/restart, check the Dependencies tab and make sure those services are running.

I tried what you said, nothing…
I can’t clear history since GUI can’t connect. I went to services too, started the service and this message came up:

The service Glasswire Control Servie at local computer started and than stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not being used by other serviced or programs.

that message cames being glasswire process open or closed.

as the other software, CCleaner is a bad program. I used him once, I used it till 3 months, when it erased a 40 euro product key from my kaspersky antivirus. I had a lot of registry key’s to clean, so I didn’t had time to check, when I reboot my computer kaspersky was saying to buy a license. that is not normal that a program erases product keys being used.
Besides, not only for that, even when you use ccleaner, if you use Windows disk cleanup, this last will detect garbage.
360TS is very good. I was using an Avast free, uninstalled it, installed 360TS and I discovered a lammer and 4 trojan viruses, alongside with Ad-ware, being the total of 16 viruses…
And, AUP does very well it’s job, does what Ccleaner and softOrganizer do. And there is a program even better, wont do monitored instalations, but it’s owesom, so owesom, that a lot of people have fear to use it, it’s called argente utilities. when ccleaner find 4000, AU will find 15000!!
anyway, that’s off-topic :stuck_out_tongue:

After all that, I would perform a complete reformat/reinstall.

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I dont know if you intentionally meant that as a touch of humor as per Dilbert but it made me smile . Like you I have been using CCleaner for years including the registry scan but if any appear due to program removal I go through them one at a time in the Windows registry and delete them never had a problem and surprise,surprise even MS recommend it ! Your right something /some process is blocking Glasswire running . I only have Windows in dual boot with LInux on my main PC and Lubuntu on an old laptop NO problems with LInux compared to Windows ps-its all about Control with MS -wink !

I already tryed to re-install glasswire, using the progam you cited and my program. same thing always.
anyway, I contacted glasswire via email, they will try to make me a build that will create log files.

thank you for your help. I also learned new softwares, I am actually using softorganizing due to AUP dont has a so much organized UI :smile:

XD, I used Ubuntu gnome remix on my old machine, 12.0 I think. using linux is like re-learn how to use a computer. you install thing throug sudo app get or something like that, like when windows was version 1.0 :stuck_out_tongue: ofc, there are not problems like the one I had. Linux is like an old car, simple. when something is wrong you just put a new part. MS windows is like a super car, when the vent is bad, all engine screws up :stuck_out_tongue:

despite that, linux is free of charge, graceful, and it’s extremely versatile when you want to make your own UI… I just dont use it becouse I like games and becouse I need MS office.

besides, going through windows registry is easy, all entries are normally under user/programs or machine/programs if I remembered right. people just don’t know the windows+R>regedit, besides all that easy trick, using an automated program is better ofc, but not recommended, as you said. but I didnt knew it when my key gone mummified :stuck_out_tongue:

Joao Windows is all about control you dont control your computer when you use it MS does its like buying a car and having to sit in the passenger seat as a stranger drives it to where HE wants to go. LInux puts YOU in the driver seat all drivers are open house no processes running in the back ground . No -you cant do this or that balloons Administrator is just a joke its only one step up from user in second layer Permissions have you seen the long list of parties that are superior to you ? > Windows is a closed system process Microsoft control it not you or me. And the new Win 10 is even worse and has 37 different spy functions to help advertisers turning it off includes going onto the web and yes it turns itself back on again . MS admit that Win 10 Home users are being used as guinea pigs for unstoppable "updates . Business tech say that this is not sustainable and that after 10 years MS will diversify from the Windows program. AS of now -MS-Windows has dropped from 95 % 10 years ago Worldwide to 14 % Today thats right 14 % guess what other users Worldwide are using as a computer system -hand held devices by other companies using their own more open systems.

yep, you have mac OSX, linux, chromebook or something…

I personally dont like the products from windows and google, full of tracking, viruses…

yet, google has the better search engine in relation to find information. duckduckgo, despite the name, is the best on privacy, but since google uses a traking device or something, when you google something, it gives you the more popular results, duckduckgo can’t do that, so basicly, what I should find as a 1st link on google, I will find it at 5th page or something.

MS has also a lot of traking devices, pages, and a lot of crap that users wont use in any circumstance, like paint. totally useless, good for the kids, but, nothing else.

what you said is basicly what I said with the cars thing, but way more deeper. MS is loosing for other systems, people are trading MS to linux or mac, I suspect that’s why they put W10 free of charge.

and… are we aloud to make this thread a chat room XD?

The main point I was trying to make is that 60 % to 70 % of problems I have seen in app designers getting their products to work correctly in systems is down to compatibility problems with Windows. Glasswire is far from being the only app designer given problems by users of new apps. With every download of "updates " more problems occur I have proved (to myself at least ) by not allowing "updates " that I dont get problems with Glasswire which usually being Windows process problems cause conflict with the system evidenced by high CPU use not only in apps like Glasswire but in many others. This is the result of a "closed system " policy life would be a lot easier for designers if an open system was used . I hope you find the answer to your problem with Glasswire its a good app !

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I didn’t say reinstall GlassWire; I said “a complete reformat/reinstall”–as in wipe the disk and clean install Windows. It sounds like you have too many issues to fix individually and considering the history you gave, time would be well-spent just starting over. Back-up everything first.

yeah, I will update to W10 soon, I already have the warning from MS that I can upgrade… I just wont do it now becouse I want to see how W10 behaves, if it’s too buggy I will stay and formate my W7, if not, I will upgrade.

It’s not too buggy and it is certainly less buggy than what you’re running with at the moment.