Glasswire can't connect

GlassWire won’t connect to my network it shows an allert saying (( The GlassWire service stopped running))

note - i just download it and install it-

Please uninstall GlassWire, then go to your ProgramData folder and delete the “GlassWire” folder, then reboot, then download the latest version from and try again. Sorry for the problem.

So, I recently (4 Months Ago), I Downloaded Glasswire, I downloaded the
update. It was all fine, until… It said I have wasted ‘0B.0B’, and
when I went on a web page that usually wastes 2 MGB, it says I’ve wasted
0B, after 1 hour on the internet, it still says I have wasted 0B, after
2 hours, it finally came up with 800MGB.

The older version of Glasswire used to update in realtime the
usage. This version has 3 minute delays. Help, would be appropriated.

Even when I tried the older version, it still had the 3 min delay.

i have tried uninstalling it

And den reinstalling

When you uninstalled did you go to your “programdata” folder and delete the “glasswire” folder? That is what is required in this case sometimes.