Glasswire causing my servers to run really slow

I installed Glasswire on my Physical PCs and Physical Server along with my 3 VM’s. The other night i noticed that my VM’s were running painfully slow. I checked the resources of each VM and they are fine. I’m not running out of ram and or the CPU usage is fine on them. One is a DC, One is a Patch Manager, and the other is my Plex server. I’ve never had them run slow on me before until I started using Glasswire. Should I install the less resource-intensive version of Glasswire? Or should I just not have Glasswire on these machines at all? My Hyperv host and all my VM’s are running on Server 2019 Datacenter


Sorry for the issue.

If resources are a top priority you could take a look at GlassWire Lite:

When you say “slow” what exactly do you mean? It will help me understand the issue. Does the task manager show GlassWire is using CPU, Memory, or what is slow?

The biggest issue is my VM’s were just running painfully slow. They all have 4 cpu cores assigned with 8 gigs of ram. Which is plenty. I was experiencing freezing and other strange things. I’m not even sure if Glasswire is the cause but that’s the last thing that was installed, and they ran great up until that


Checking the task manager might help find the issue. Then you can see if it’s due to GlassWire, or some other unexpected issue.

If resource usage is precious on those servers then please consider using GlassWire Lite: Introducing GlassWire Lite! | GlassWire Blog