GlassWire causing PC with running Droid4X to become slow (laggy), turning GlassWire off solves the problem

Android emulator Droid4X becomes slow and laggy after about 5-10 mins of use. Droid4X keeps showing high FPS in games, but the PC itself becomes unresponsive with CPU usage of 100% (while in regular CPU load with working Droid4X is near 15%). Turning GlassWire firewall off solves the problem.

OS Win8.1 64bit

Is it possible for me to debug GlassWire? I am open to help with solving this issue.

Perhaps it’s just an issue of not having enough memory? I don’t think GlassWire could interfere with an emulator like this. We use a very specific part of the OS and conflicts with other software are very unlikely.

I have 32GB of DDR3 RAM, nVidia GTX 980 and Intel Core i7 5790K should not be PC issue. I will capture some screenshots once I am at home.

Problem solved in the following way:

  • Uninstall GlassWire
  • Reset Windows Firewall rules to default
  • Restart PC
  • Install GlassWire back
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I have had this happen before. Different circumstances. Uninstall/reinstall is all I needed to do.

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