GlassWire choose network card/s to sniff on


i have a home server with two network cards and i want GlassWire to sniff only on the network card that is connected to the router (internet). That would be great. Without this feature GlassWire sniffs on both network cards and it totally destroys the graphs, because if somebody streams e.g. a movie on the home network multiple megabytes are transferred and on the internet network card only kilobytes up to 1,6 megabytes are transferred. This are two different scales.

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A lot of users have requested the ability for GlassWire to choose the network source. We’ll try to add this feature in the future, thanks!

Thank you very much!

now it´s Jan 2017 and the last reply is over 352 days old.
Do Yo offer the selection of the network card in the Pay-Version of Glasswire?

It would be fine to have seperate firewalls for both network cards.
This would be a strong argument für buying glasswire.

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We’re still investigating how best to do this. Sorry for the delay.

Any news on this option? Can I assume that given the time since the original request that selectable network card monitoring is a no go?

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Sorry, we have been busy with our 2.0 update. If you feel this feature is important please post it here. Future Feature Requests!