Glasswire Click to block

when everytime i change the click to block to ask to connect or block all. it will return to click to block.

Please try rebooting and try again and let me know if you still see this behavior.

Same here.
If i change it to “Ask to connect” after 2-3 seconds jumps back to click to connect

  • Windows 10 ( Final release)
  • Version 1.1.15b

We plan to have an update out this week that should solve this. Thanks for reporting the problem.

Also please make sure your Windows Event Log is working.

i have updated to 1.1.21b same issue.
“Ask To Connect” doesent work right.
After a short time or a reboot, its back to “Click To Block”

  • Windows 10 Final (64bit)
  • Glasswire 1.1.21b

Please uninstall GlassWire, then clear its appdata folder, then reboot and reinstall and reactivate the paid version and see if this happens again for you. Also please allow GlassWire to access the Internet if possible and see if it makes any difference. Sorry for the problem.

I’m having the same problem. I uninstalled, cleared AppData and ProgramData, rebooted, reinstalled, re-Activated, and “Ask to Connect” still resets back to “click to block” after three seconds. So far I’m not impressed.

Is it possible you disabled your Windows Event Log? If so can you re-enable it then try again? Thank you.

Event Log is working fine. Looking at Event Viewer i’m seeing events up to a few moments ago. Any other suggestions?

+1 When you select Ask To Connect, the app will switch back to Click To Block in exactly 5 seconds. No other user input is required, just select Ask To Connect and wait 5 seconds. I will pop back to Click To Block.

This is a problem, because new apps can connect whenever they want.

P.S. I also uninstalled, cleared AppData/Local/Glasswire folder and rebooted and installed again.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll discuss with our dev team and get more suggestions to fix this for you.