Glasswire Computer Idle Monitor (gwidlmon.exe) Keeps Working After Exiting Glasswire

I thank devs for this awesome tool. Hats off.

Even after I totally exit from GW (from task bar), gwidlmon.exe keeps working as my firewall shows me.
I think it helps the program to show network activities when it’s restarted. Is this the case?
Principally a program should stop all it’s actions when the user tells it to do so.

What do you think about it?
Are there any tweaks to make the program totally obey the exit command?

Hello @bopbop,

Thank you for your kind words about GlassWire.

GlassWire uses a driver/service like most security or network monitoring software. If our service stopped every time you exited GlassWire then your data usage stats would be wrong.

Most security or system related applications use drivers and don’t necessarily stop when you exit them, otherwise they can’t function properly.

If you feel it’s important to kill our service you can right click the task bar and choose “task manager” then go to services and kill our service.

We will look at adding an ability in the future to kill our service from the UI. Some of our Steam users have requested this also.