Glasswire connection ... opencandy?


this is a similar observation to that here forum thread 3144 (can’t post link…).

In windows’ resource monitor network tab I see

GWldlMon.exe, GWCtlSrv.exe and GlassWire.exe

all show apparent connections to tracking#opencandy#com#s3#amazonaws#com

( # = . )

Why is this? Does anyone else see anything similar?



We use AWS for website hosting and AWS uses dynamic IP addresses, so sometimes your hosts in GlassWire and other places can show the DNS for other websites/services that you used in the past.

GlassWire does connect to our website as described here but we cannot see your network activity and we could not see it even if we wanted, because it never leaves your PC. Your network activity is stored on your own PC only.

If you use the VirusTotal API in our settings then that can also use network activity.

I know exactly what OpenCandy is (sometimes known as a PUP or potentially unwanted software), and we do not use that anywhere in our software and never have. OpenCandy is a bundling system, so it would be in our software if we had a bundle like a Toolbar or something.

We don’t bundle anything and never have and our software does not connect to OpenCandy or anything like that and never has.

Does GlassWire itself show any connectivity on your PC with OpenCandy? It might help you determine what other apps may be connecting there.