GlassWire crashing

It seems that after a while GlassWite is crashing. Let me explain what I mean by “seems”.

I’ve been using it for more than two months already and the problem has happened two times, so it doesn’t happen very often. The first time I thought that it might have been a fluke but now it has happened again, which suggests that there is some problem somewhere.

When this happens, the GUI continues to work - but it shows no network traffic on the Graph tab (or in any other place that reports the traffic. The Internet connection works just fine - I am not disconnected. If I exit the client (i.e., the GUI) and restart it, it seems to kinda hang, saying at the bottom of the Graph tab “Visualizing network…”. The other tabs are not active, in the sense that I cannot switch to them.

The problem is solved by rebooting the computer. This leads me to believe that the problem is in the GlassWire service. I tried stopping it (so that I can re-start it), but I am getting “Access denied” (even as an administrator), so I guess it tries to protect itself from being killed. (Some security products try to do this and it is understandable, although it is of doubtful value, in the sense that it still can be bypassed, if the attacker really wants to and it is just causing annoyance to the legitimate user.)

Is there anything I can do to help resolve the problem? My OS is Win7 Pro 64-bit. Are there any logs I can inspect and report?

Although GW might see an associated GW fault to me this is a Windows problem .I have the exact same OS on dual-boot and I dont have any problem if I wanted to delete GW or as you mention GW service it could be a combined -permissions problem and Windows having a problem in your computer of compatibility, or acceptance in your PC due to a Windows download (update ) going wrong . The "compatibility " assistant for example can block many seemingly "okay " apps if it takes "offense " to them I dont want to tell you what I did to counteract it as MS wouldnt be happy but first of all you should take control of your own PC . Check by clicking on the process.exe -permissions -not GW.exe and remember there are 2 layers of permissions the ones that are upfront and a second layer, and see if you own it or if =system/ "trusted installer " does and take over ownership . GW says in many cases to remove it completely and re-install it ,have you tried that using a good removal program and re-install to see if that cures it ?.If it still isnt right after re-installation then its a Windows problem for sure and other can be methods tried.

Hello Bontchev,

Are you using the latest version of GlassWire on our download page? If so please email our helpdesk on our contact page and we may request some logs if you don’t mind. Thank you for your offer to send logs to help us find this problem.

Also if you recently upgraded to Windows 10 uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling may solve this.

I don’t think the “access denied” service message is from us but I’ll double check.

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are saying. What exactly should I check and how? There is no process called process.exe or GW.exe. There is a process called GWCtlSrv.exe, which is the process corresponding to the service. I (as a user) have Read and Read & Execute permissions to it and nothing else. System and the Administrators group (to which I also belong) have all permissions except the special ones.

Yes, version 1.1.21b. Will do.

No, I am not touching that crap with a 10-foot pole. I’m sticking with Win7. Will probably have to switch to Linux once Win7 is no longer supported…

I don’t think the “access denied” service message is from us but I’ll double check.

It is not from you, it is from Windows. It is informing me that the GlassWire service could not be stopped.

"upgraded to Win 10 and your answer - "brothers in spirit here " -you can see through the 12000 word "contract " you sign to allow MS to gather All your data for use by third parties (including bank details ) . You block the multi snoopers MS unblocks them . You are given an individual ID relating to your PC so its easier to track you --and much more. Yes GW .exe exists usually in windows/C/ program files (86X) ,as does GW.process.exe in task manager/process Hacker/etc/etc. Yes there is GWCtSrv but you shouldnt be blocked from accessing it to make changes . The problem with Windows as you probably know is being a closed system it is paranoiac about letting anybody “interfere” with it . The upfront advertising says -Administrators= control of Windows ,nothing could be further from the truth, User then Administrator then a whole collection of "superior users " like-system- "trusted installer " etc. etc you are only 2 steps up the ladder and in Win 10 Administrator is hidden and has even less authority . In fairness MS says its to stop you blue screening its system or badly damaging it and making system changes it doesnt like which could occur if you are not at least to the level of being able to manually edit the registry without blue screening yourself. There is a semi-prof. app that gives you system control over Windows but I hesitate to mention it as in one change you blue screen yourself and blame me.Maybe Windows wont let you install it anyway if your system is that controlled but I will repeat you can take control of all apps you install including security ones even though its a fight to the death to remove some of the well known ones from your system like bit defender that requires its own app to remove it completely and even then you need to keep your fingers crossed if you installed its root kit remover (it treats any effort to remove it as a virus/hacker.)