Glasswire deactivated and then won't reactivate

when I do a clean install of glasswire it allows me to activate it but after about a day it deactivates and won’t reactivate. on my other computer, it doesn’t have this problem it’s only my main computer. I’ve tried doing a fresh install using the clean and the normal installation methods. I even tried using glasswire lite which didn’t work. the last payment to glasswire was in October of 2021 but it was for a full year so that isn’t a problem. and it always seems to deactivate at the same time each day.
when I try to reactivate it just says you you may need to buy a new licence or it may not be valid. while trouble shooting I also deactivated glasswire on one of the other computers so I know that there is a space so that isn’t a problem

Sorry for the issue. Do you use “cleaning” software on your PC?

what do you mean by “cleaning”
I use windows defender if that’s what you mean.

Sorry for the issue.

Do you use CCleaner or something similar? Unfortunately it’s a known issue where if a “cleaning” app deletes our files in the programdata/glasswire folder, our software cannot work correctly since some of its files are literally deleted. To solve this you can white list this programdata/glasswire directory and it should solve the problem immediately.

Windows Defender doesn’t conflict with GlassWire, so it should not cause any problems.

If you do not use a cleaning app, please re-activate, then set up logging:

  • First stop the GlassWire service in Windows TaskManager under Windows Services. Look under “G” in the list, then right click and choose “stop”.
  • Open C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full (or -lite, depends on the version of GlassWire you use).
  • Open glasswire.conf as administrator.
  • Set the following parameters and save the file by editing its text:

LogLevel = 255
LogEnabled = true

  • Start the GlassWire service in TaskManager.
  • Repeat the problem. Please don’t send logs until GlassWire is deactivated again.
  • Send us the logs from C:\ProgramData/glasswire/service-full/log (or service-lite, depends on the version) We can then find the problem and suggest a solution, or put out a fix for everyone.

Now please re-activate your paid version and wait until you are deactivated. When you are deactivated please send me the logs by clicking on my name in the forum and sending a private message.

I’m sorry but I cannot figure out how to send a private message to you but I do have the files here and I can just like them


Sorry for the issue, I agree this forum software can be confusing! I have just messaged you privately. Please check the top right of the forum to see my private message. If you can’t find it let me know and I can suggest a way to email me instead.