Glasswire deactivated itself and now my code won't work

I just got a notification about 20 minutes ago saying to upgrade if i wanted to continue using it. I purchased it back in March and it has been running great ever since but now it’s not activated and will not accept my code. Who do i contact for help?

Got it activated by installing an older build. This was not a good experience and something Glasswire needs to address and make sure it doesn’t happen to future people. I only fixed it because someone else had the same issue 12 days ago

Sorry for the issue. I think you’re the person I assisted via the helpdesk?

Do you use any cleaning software? If so, please white list the programdata/glasswire folder. This issue is usually due to our files getting deleted by “cleaning” apps.

But perhaps that doesn’t apply to you? I should have asked that via the helpdesk.

Yes that was me. I just emailed you back. It is working again so not entirely sure what caused it. I do not use any cleaning programs, they always seem to cause more harm than they try to solve. It’s fixed though so that’s all that matters, thank you for reaching out though!