Glasswire deactivates frequently (Surface Pro Docking Station)?

Hi, I use a Surface Pro with docking station.
Glasswire deactivates really every day! I bought the elite version but it is currently not usable.

I guess the problem is that the docking station has ethernet, but the Surface Pro only Wifi… So Glasswire thinks that the machine changes… But it is just plugging the docking station.

Can you please resolve the problem. Currently, Glasswire is not usable since it deactivates every time I plug and unplug it from the docking station


We have a Surface with a similar setup and we cannot recreate this.

Could you try a clean install and see if it helps? Is GlassWire blocking itself with its own Firewall? If you use Kaspersky, can you white list GlassWire with the software?

Did any of the things above help or do they apply to you? Please try a clean install by uninstalling GlassWire in add/remove programs, rebooting, then reinstalling using GlassWire’s “clean” install option with its installer.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Glasswire is not blocking itself. I do not use Kaspersky.
The Surface Pro is new and Glasswire was clean installed.

Maybe because I have two docking stations? One at work, one at home?
Do you have the same setup?

So the activation status is not bound to the MAC address of the ethernet port?


I confirmed that GlassWire does not bind any activation to the Mac address of an Ethernet port.

Are you behind a Proxy? Please email us with a link to this thread so I can explain how to activate logging:

I would explain how to do it here, but I have to send you a file and I can’t upload a file here that is not an image.

ok thanks for the confirmation.

At work there the firewall (Sophos) has a webfilter… do you think this could interfere?


Maybe. Does the filter interfere with https connections? Our activation is very simple and uses https which is most of what the World Wide Web uses.

Can you ask them to white list