Glasswire Desk Band

Hi Guys,

First of all, thank you for this wonderful piece of software which is now part of my desktop setup.

I have recently upgraded to the pro package and wondering how to integrate the mini viewer within the windows taskbar (with current up/down rate). I have been using some other program exclusively for this functionality for years now and would like to replace it since I have glasswire now :slight_smile:

Check the attached picture for reference,

Any pointers to setup this will be really helpful.

Thank you All


GlassWire has a mini viewer that can be made transparent and sit wherever you want on the desktop. We don’t yet integrate into the windows taskbar, but we are working on it. It will be a free upgrade for you.



Yeah, I have checked the mini viewer and find the graph really cool, however it doesn’t show up/down speed if we minimize is beyond a certain limit(ie, to the minimum possible size).

Glad to know that you guys are working on the taskbar integration and hope to see it soon in a future upgrade :slight_smile:

Thank You

Just click and hold the lower right corner of the mini-viewer and expand slightly until there is room for the up/dn info to print.