Glasswire does not connect by itself

I installed Glasswire 1.2.96 a few days ago and I noticed that it never connects in the morning when I boot my PC up. I have to open it and tell it to connect. Sometimes it does, sometimes not.
Is that normal?


No it’s not normal. Do you see an dmp files on your desktop? If you uninstall, reboot, then reinstall with our “clean” option does it solve it?

OK, I can do that but I’m not sure what “Clean Option” means.
Thanks for the quick response.

The installer will have a checkbox for a “clean” install option. Sorry for the confusion.

OK, reinstalled per your instructions and after reboot it connected immediately.
Will see what it does tomorrow morning.
Thanks a lot in the meantime.

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This morning Glasswire connected immediately.
Thanks for the help.