GlassWire does not display all connected devices

Hello Forum,
Before posting here, I did search or previous, related posts.
I did read: one at Can’t see all devices
However all this seemed to do for me was to muddy the waters.
Here’s the issue:
I have a small WiFi network at work enabled by a TP-Link ADLS Modem Router with no Guest feature.
I only have 2 devices connected to it, a desktop PC and an Asus laptop.
GlassWire displays them both in its Network page, so no problem there.
But when my wife connects her Samsung (Android OS) Note 4 mobile phone to the WiFi, GlassWire does not seem to detect it at all.
I have repeatedly re-booted, so what could I be doing wrong?
Thanks for any help.
Paul > Melbourne > Oz

@Paulus Are you able to ping that Android device from your PC? Please try and let us know your results.

@Paulus, if you don’t know the mobile phone IP address, here’s how you can ping all devices in your network:

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Hi Ken_GlassWire and Remah,
No worries, issue resolved.
GlassWire now dutifully detects both of my missus’ Android devices.
Your suggestions helped me, as well as using Command Prompt arp -a.
I also used the freeware ‘Advanced IP Scanner’ freeware to confirm IPs.
Thank you.
Paul > Melbourne > Oz

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