GlassWire doesn't gather informations after few minutes its start up

Hi. I just bought GlassWire Elite at Steam and this is quite a cool software.

But when I start it up, it gathers informations but after few minutes, it doesn’t gather.

When I manually restart the service, it gathers again and soon it doesn’t gather.

Any help?

Maybe this topic will help you:

Well, I checked services and restarted my computer and It didn’t fix the problem. So I uninstalled Steam version and clean installed with the installer from this website, it seems to be fixed. I’ll ask further more if I get any trouble more. Thank you for the reply.

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I’m glad GlassWire is working now! One thing about Steam is that some people will install GlassWire from and the Steam version simultaneously and GlassWire can’t work that way.

In case any Steam customers ever read this in the future the best way to solve this is to:

Uninstall GlassWire in Steam and in add/remove programs on Windows (both places!). Now reboot your PC (very important step!).

Now decide if you want GlassWire for Steam or our latest version from Steam codes are compatible with both versions. Now install GlassWire using the “clean install” option in our installer. If you don’t use our “clean install” option GlassWire may not work and you’ll have to start the process over.

Now GlassWire should work for you, and if it does not check for other options to solve the problem as @Remah helpfully suggested. Thanks @remah!