Glasswire dont start after update....version 2.2.241

glasswire dont start after update, please help!

I’m having the same issue after installing the new update =\

I tried restarting pc but that didn’t help either.

now it’s not connecting to server. Uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled - just stopped working after the update, so I suppose reinstalling wasn’t the best idea anyway.

I had the same problem, there was another thread below that has been replied to. I have uninstalled, restarted my PC and then reinstalled - that did not help. Apparently, you need to do a clean install - so when you reinstall glasswire, and go through their installer options, you need to check the box “clean install”. That solves the problem :slight_smile:

I did that and it still did not help me. Windows 7 is the OS 64bit. Event logs flagging an issue with startup of the app and pointing to universal CRT runtime file in the application event log. I upgraded from Glasswire version 2.1.167 to 2.2.241. I could see it uninstalled Microsoft C++ Visual 2017 ver 14.15.26706, then installed version 14.16.27033. I rebooted my system and Glasswire would not startup. Icon in task tray was gray, services showed it was stopped. Manually tried to start the app and it throws an error. I did a clean install and I could see it uninstalled and reinstalled, but after rebooting the system same issue, Glasswire service will not start, errors out on the ucrt dll file. So I rolled back to my restore point I created beforehand and will wait to see what’s up with this version.

but when i clean install all my already blocked programs will be free?

Why can’t GlassWire connect to its local server and why won’t GlassWire’s graph load?

GlassWire for Windows has a local Windows service that runs locally on your PC. This Windows service keeps track of your network activity for your PC or server. If that Windows service cannot start then GlassWire cannot graph your data usage.

Please note your graph data never leaves your PC, and we at GlassWire cannot ever access that data since it’s only stored locally on your own PC or server. Our privacy policy explains how we can’t ever see your data.

If you are experiencing this problem first try rebooting your PC. If GlassWire still cannot run please uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, then reboot your PC (this is an important step in the process), then reinstall GlassWire while checking its “clean install” option in its installer. You can download our latest software from our download page.

If GlassWire’s graph will still not load please check to see if the following Windows services are running in the Windows task manager:

  • WlanSvc (WLan AutoConfig)
  • BFE (Base Filtering Engine)
  • EventLog (Windows Event Log)

These Windows services are usually on by default unless you disabled them. If you find these services are running but GlassWire will still not run please consider running Windows Update. With very old versions of Windows GlassWire may not run properly. After updating your device please once again try a clean install with GlassWire in the order listed above.

I am really really annoyed at this. I paid for this service and the best you people can come up with is “remove everything, reinstall and have fun reassigning every block or pass on the firewall”. I certainly won’t be paying anymore once my subscription ends out, you just lost a customer with your crappy software and bug reporting.


I apologize for the problem. We revised our GlassWire database with this version. The changes decreased system resource usage significantly. Unfortunately in some cases the database could become corrupted and it would cause this issue.