Glasswire Elite activation problem


As of last last month Glasswire started bugging me to “upgrade”. I notice that it somehow reset from Elite to free version. I re-entered the activation code, it restarted and was working fine for a few days. Now I had to repeat this process. This is a little annoying.



Do you use some type of “cleaning” software? If so please white list the programdata/glasswire directory so it won’t be deleted. If our activation files are deleted you will go to the free mode.

Also at some point there was a version of GlassWire that had a bug that would do this. To solve the issue permanently uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, then reinstall with our “clean install” option. The issue shouldn’t ever happen again if you are using current GlassWire software.

We have even had people overseas behind major geographic network barriers who stay activated, so this issue is not common. I apologize and I hope the tips above will help. If not you can email us and I’ll help you and we can even send you a logging version of our software to find the exact cause.


I don’t have cleaning software. In any case, cleaning software wouldn’t touch application data if it is stored in the proper place and not in some temp folder. It only seems to be losing activation data - the firewall rules are still there. And now I can’t reactivate or reinstall it - it is rejecting the serial number



Please email me the details so I can fix it, thanks.

We do not store our app data in a “temp” folder. We store it in the “ProgramData” folder for Program Data.

We can set up logging (on your end with instructions) to see exactly what the problem is if necessary. Please note our “Basic” software works on 1 PC, Pro on 3, and Elite on 10.