Glasswire "Elite" turns to "Free"

I have an Glasswire Elite License from the Steam Sale using with Glasswire 2.
However, the Elite License I use under Win10 1803 turns to “Free” from time to time without noticing me.
I just got a popup to the summer sale and saw its turned back to “free” again.

What can I do to prevent turning it to “free”? How can I see how many from the 10 licenses Glasswire thinks I’m using? I’m using it on 2 PCs but had to enter my serial number like 3 or 4 times now on this PC here.

Thank you for buying GlassWire!

One of our older GlassWire 2 versions has a bug that could cause this issue for some Windows versions, but it’s now fixed with our latest software. Please be sure you’re using our latest update from

If you’re still experiencing the issue please email us your order info so we can investigate, thanks!

Our activation uses https and it’s very reliable.

this happend with 2.0.123 which seems to be the most current version. Is there any possibility to prevent it in the future, since I don’t want my firewall being disabled without any notice :frowning:

If you’d like to email us your order info I can check and see if the code was used on more than 10 devices, or if something else could be the issue. Please don’t post your personal order info in our public forum. Email instructions/links are above in this thread.

If you use “cleaning” software that clears out the Windows “ProgramData” folder it will delete your activation code and you’ll be deactivated. Please white list the “GlassWire” folder in the “ProgramData” folder to avoid this problem.

We use https for activation, the same thing most of the world wide web uses so it’s extremely unlikely for activation issues to happen with GlassWire unless your computer also can’t browse the web successfully. Also, if you are making GlassWire block itself from accessing the network please try unblocking it.