GlassWire "elite upgrade" notification disable?


Is there a way I can disable this notification? I don’t have the means to buy elite as much as I want it and the notification is extremely annoying appearing every time I boot up.



Are you a free user, or a Pro/Basic user? Thanks.


Free user at this time


An offer may appear for free users every once in awhile. I use the free version of GlassWire myself for testing purposes, and the appearance is rare for me.

There was a version of GlassWire awhile back that had a bug where this offer appeared too often after reboot, but that bug was fixed. You may want to do a clean install of our latest software.

Also, if you go to our top left menu and choose “Snooze” you won’t get any alerts if you prefer. For example while playing games or watching movies.

Basic/Pro subscribers will never see an offer. Free users may get asked to upgrade occasionally. Our software has no ads or tracking, so we make money only through sales of our software.


I am a free user and I get the upgrade nag every day. If that is how it is going to continue I will uninstall the program. I don’t know of any other program that is so naggy,

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