GlassWire Enterprice usage


I`m want try use glasswire in enterprise infrastructure, My questions:

  1. How set password, port, enable remote connect when install application from script or command line?
  2. What type of db use glasswire, it`s possible edit db, deploy to PC and get fully customized application?
  3. What type of password hashing use glasswire for storing passwords?

I`m make quick research:

  • glasswire use sqlite with many table with a lot of blob.
  • In db exist table config_data with 2 blob.

db is portable and its possible to move from one pc to another for fast change settings?


Thanks for using GlassWire.

We do have a way to move GlassWire settings and databases around and we have details here

More details are here also

  1. Remote monitoring instructions are here
  2. It seems you found this already.
  3. Not sure, will ask.

ok, im want try to use you program in enterprise environment. Im need:

  1. change settings program remote
  2. setup password and enable remote connect after install without rdp. CMD, Powershell, cli requered
  3. remote program activation and licence renew
  4. make sure you use secure methods for storing password hashes.


Many Enterprises use our software.

  1. You can go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then choose “remote access”.
  2. Instructions are here
  3. You have to activate locally but thanks for your feedback. We will look at adding this in the future.
  4. We use secure methods for storing password hashes for our remote monitoring feature and that’s the only password feature GlassWire has at all.

Thanks for using GlassWire and I hope this helps!

I love the support that honestly writes answers to technical points. This is not about you. Judging by your answer, the answers should have sounded like this:

  1. We do not have the ability to change the settings through the console, api, only gui.
  2. We do not support automatic configuration features after installation. We do not have the ability to control the configuration.
  3. We do not have remote activation and reactivation. Your administrators will have to go to all 100 computers once a year and do it by hand
  4. We use a safe method password hashing, but we will not name which one.

really with all desire, I can’t understand how I can use your program on more than 10 devices and not die

thank. I will remain your user, but I will not implement it yet in enterprice

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Thanks for your feedback. We will work to provide more Enterprise related features in the future. Your post was very helpful.

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