GlassWire Feature Request - Search Function & Log Viewing

I would like to request a search function somewhere on the GUI as seen in the image. The search function should allow for the user to search for any terms: hosts, IP addresses, etc. The search function should populate findings in real time. For example if the user starts to type: “192.168” then the search results should be populating in real time narrowing down the search results while typing.

This would make it a lot easier and fast to find anything specific the user is looking for in a specific area.

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A search function is on our list of things to do. :+1:

Further, take a look at the third column in the picture “Traffic Type” (Apps, Hosts, Traffic Type columns). This is pretty much useless other than letting me know what protocols were used at some point.

I should be able to click on each of these in the Traffic Type column and should see exactly what hosts were connected to with this protocol and what apps were used when using this protocol.

We really need granular level search, sorting and log manipulation.

If I search or click on an app, I should see all the hosts associated to it, & traffic types used.
If I search or click on a host, I should see the app that was used with the host and the traffic types.
If I search or click on a traffic type, I should see the apps and hosts used with that traffic type…
All should be manipulable, all able to copy. Because many are not.

As far as the three columns themselves. At minimum I should be able to click at the top of the column to organize them pretty much like Excel. Rearrange them by alphabetical A-Z or Z-A, time, traffic size etc.

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Absolutely… I’m surprised they have not implemented this.

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We’re actively working on search now.


Thank you for working on a search function.

I receive network level IDS events showing that a machine is talking with a known malicious server. Search would be really useful in GlassWire, as then I could search to drill down to find out what application/service is specifically is trying to talk to that known malicious server quickly. Instead of clicking the more icon, sorting by host, and scrolling through the list to find it.

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Is there a possible releasedate for the Search Function? As a long time customer an user I really would appreciate this feature.

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I have seen the mock-ups and it will be very useful and unique when it’s completed, but I have no release date unfortunately.

Is there any News for this feature request?

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We are still working on it. Thanks for your patience.

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Thanks for your reply. When it is implemented, we‘ll start using this in business environments! Looking forwards to it :slight_smile:

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Adding my vote to this as well. I’ve had several instances when I’ve wanted to search for an IP address. It’s annoying having to manually click on Hostnames to look for one specific IP address.

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This would be very useful for hunting IP addresses found in the firewall logs.

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Is this still on your radar? This would help quite a bit.

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Still working on it, sorry for the delay.

+1, this feature is vital

The concept of Glasswire is fantastic, but it 100% needs a host, IP, app search capability. I had a TCP/137 packet to a known malicious IP address but cannot figure out what made the call because it was 14Hrs ago and don’t find the IP and without knowing the host name that was used, it’s not possible to find what made the call. Even if I could export all of the data then search, that would be helpful, but a quick search in Glasswire would be epic.

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