Glasswire Firewall Activation over AVG Internet Security Firewall

Hello everyone,

Glad to to be here. I have a problem with turning on my GlassWire Firewall, as my AVG Internet security wont allow me to do this. I have AVG internet security version 18.4.3056, The reason for this post is that my AVG did not detect a malicious virus that I recently got. The “Dahj.exe” virus. However Glasswire did detect it through the ‘Usage’ tab . I had over 300 unknown hosts connected to my computer ‘sucking’ all of my internet bandwidth and CPU utilization. Anyone familiar with the ‘Dahj.exe’ virus will know that it will mess up your computers operating system ‘Big Time’ There is no way that you can effectively clean this type of TROJAN. Luckily I ‘image’ my computer on a regular basis, and had to resort too doing that. So to sum up, my AVG antivirus, firewall, web shield,email shield and more failed me. Can you please help, as I would like to use Glasswire as my default Internet solution. Thanks again!


We’re happy to hear GlassWire was able to help you detect malware your antivirus missed.

GlassWire is not an antivirus and is not meant to be a default security solution. GlassWire is supposed to act as an added layer of protection for your PC.

However, Windows itself has Windows Defender antivirus built in and you can try that as a free option if you don’t want to use AVG. AVG may also have an option of its software that has no firewall features that disable our firewall.

Thank you for using GlassWire and sharing your story.