Glasswire firewall

Can we please have a way to clear multiple things from the firewall it gets hard to manage and deleting one at a time is far to slow when things pile up. Even just a select option to pick many at a time would help. ^¬^


There is a way to clear all “inactivate apps” instantly.

If we get a lot of feedback that we should add something similar for all your apps (even active ones) we will consider it. Thanks for your feedback.

Oh I actually never saw the inactive apps tab thank you that’s similar to what I wanted. Is there a way to minimize active apps just so you can only see new apps that pop up?

Where is this option for inactive apps? I cannot find it


How long have you had GlassWire installed? The apps have to go inactivate and have no network access for a certain time period before they go to this list.

I’ve had this clean install for a little over a week, there anyway to clear all apps that I haven’t blocked?


You must mouse over the icon of the app you want to remove from the list, then click the “X” next to it, one at a time. Eventually unused apps go to “inactive apps” and then you can delete them all at once.

Or you can clear GlassWire’s settings if you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then choose “clear history”.