Glasswire & Firewalls other that Windows

What actually is the situation with Glasswire & Firewalls other than the Windows Firewall. I have used Comodo Firewall for years & don’t really intend to change. The blocking & unblocking of programs with Glasswire is dead simple so i would like to use it. So are there plans to get it working with other firewalls or is the Windows Firewall going to remain the only one it works with.

I think third party software like Comodo doesn’t allow other applications to interface with it for security reasons so it’s unlikely we could ever control their software with GlassWire. I searched for a Comodo API or something similar and couldn’t find anything.

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Thank you for your reply & looking for a solution. Thats understandable Comodo not wanting other programs to control their software i guess. It would serve to make it easier for malware to also control it. i disabled Comodo Firewall & did use Glasswire for a while with windows firewall & i could see how they worked together.But I don’t know if i would ever feel safe using windows firewall though. i was thinking whether Glasswire would at some point block & unblock programs independently without using whatever firewall is installed. Comodo does block programs if you don’t trust them & it is quite simple just time consuming,As you know with Glasswire its not just simple its a breeze. with it automatically blocking the correct file for whatever or program is going online with just one click & if i decide i do trust it then its just one more click to allow it again. You don’t even have to look for the .exe file or whatever one it is that is going online its perfect. & its got the pretty graph too. Maybe i will spend a day with Windows Firewall & see if i can learn to like it

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In defense of Glasswire and Windows Firewall. I have noticed that Windows Firewall is probably the most complicated firewall I have ever seen…and if I had more time or with more time I will eventually learn how to use the Windows Firewall and through the Group policy editor which is what a guy told me from that company. The problem is …People really don’t have enough time or DONT want to learn anything new it seams like especially with Windows. Maybe there should be a link to some learning materials instead or maybe there is …like I said I don’t have enough time to catch up with the latest but there’s my 2 cents on Windows Firewall and Glasswire’s cool control of it. Just need to learn how to implement a kick butt firewall.

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I agree. I don’t so much mind learning something new (and with my problems implementing Glasswire – unique to me, not really a Glasswire issue), I had to learn a lot more about Windows Firewall than I ever expected. The problem with Firewalls is really the complexity. Not necessarily the software, but the implementation that requires control of so many variable pieces of software. And reams of tables.

I also think that Microsoft has dedicated much effort to improving Windows Firewall. They should be paying huge royalties to Glasswire for making the Windows Firewall solution so usable.