GlassWire for Android - Data Usage

Hi, I’ve been using GlassWire on Android since its release. I noticed that apps that are or act like a VPN, i.e. which route app traffic through them are listed as high data consumers (obviously because all traffic is passing through them).
My concern is - is their data added to the monthly data usage? Since their data usage is not actually of that particular app but of the other apps, is this counted double or is this catered for? If not, then GlassWire will report wrong usage of the actual data used in our plans. Can you make it cater for this problem pls?
Thanks in advance and great work!


I tested GlassWire for Android with a lot of the free VPN apps in Google Play before we launched and it counted correctly. Which apps are you using? If you check the data does it look correct or wrong? If you are sure it’s wrong please confirm which apps are counting incorrectly and we’ll test with them and fix it.

Feel free to message me privately if you don’t want to tell what apps you use. I don’t like to post things like that in public either.

Hi Ken,

the app I’m using is AdGuard.
Data used statistics by mt service provider varies from GlassWire’s.