Glasswire for Phones?

With such a beautifully simple interface, I can’t help but think that Glasswire for Android and/or iOS would be an exceptional tool.


We’d love to make GlassWire for Android/iOS but we’ve found it’s not possible without requiring root/jailbreaking currently. Feel free to correct me though if you’ve found an app that does something similar without root.

why do you even need to root/jailbreak your android/IOS phone, to create a version of glasswire anyway?? i see Clean Master now has a Windows version, its used to be an Android or IOS?? only app.

I will check out that app, thank you. I haven’t heard of it. From what I understand root is required because it’s not possible to see what apps are connecting to what networks without a VPN connection.

I have a rooted device and I would like to know if there are any other such apps (android) which can track hosts accessed by the apps

I have studied these in detail. Search for Root Firewall and Droidwall. If you don’t have root search for NoRoot Firewall. Good luck!

then create a work around using vpn such that even though its a vpn, its actually using the present network

Yes, we have considered a VPN but most people aren’t willing to send all their traffic through a VPN all the time, even if it’s internal.

While rooting/jailbreaking gives you more options, I don’t think this is required.

There are apps like the NoRoot firewall, which as you can tell by the name, does not require root. Apps like Greenify don’t require root as well. I know Greenify isn’t in the same field, but there are plenty of great sysadmin apps that don’t require root. There are ways around it.

I’m not a developer myself but I’m an Android enthusiasts, and I think this definitely do-able. I would however prefer you to focus all your efforts on the desktop version and at least get it past beta.

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I think even the monitoring of bandwidth and connections would helpful. Even if you can’t bring over the Firewall functionalities of Glasswire for Windows.

There are some (not very attractive) Android apps like “Network Monitor Mini” that don’t require root that can accomplish network monitoring. But nothing compares to the top notch Glasswire interface/gui. Many people would gladly pay for such an app.

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We spent a lot of time thinking about this and we have begun development on a mobile app that we hope to launch in the Fall!

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Wonderful news!! I’ll be sure to “geek-out” with all my fellow coworkers

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that’s epic. thanks for the info.

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I am not that interested in seeing my Android data as much as I would like to have access to the data of my home network. To have an app that I can remote view the stats of my network and get alerts, bandwidth notifications and modify settings would be the best. Any plans for that?


Yes, we will add remote monitoring and link everything together eventually but the first Android version won’t offer that yet.