GlassWire for smartphone

Thanks for this app ! it’s Great !
It is in your project to create a Android GlassWire ?

Update: It’s available now here!


“There are some technical hurdles there, but maybe someday.” - old info. Now GlassWire for Android is out and you can get it here, for free!

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I would really like to see an app version, it doesn’t have to have the full features of the desktop client just the ‘Usage’ tab and the ‘graph’ tab and maybe the ‘alerts’ tab would be great


Do you use an Android phone? If so you’re in luck and we plan to release something soon.

Yes I’m an Android user. Thats awesome, I can’t wait :smile:

Please plan to test in the next week or two, so please keep checking the forum for reports about it! We will ask for alpha testers soon @projectdelta6

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I am also an Android user (Marshmallow OS) and very interesting in joining to become tester as well.

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I’d definitely alpha test too.

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@voltagex and everyone else. Please email us with the subject “Android beta test” if you want to test.

We need you to include your Gmail email address associated with your account so we can invite you, otherwise we can’t have you test.

We then need you to report any bugs and give overall feedback here, or just to our helpdesk.


Ok, nice function. Now going to all my Android devices.

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I’m an early tester of this new app and have found it to be very non-obtrusive on my phone. It is somewhat more limited in function than the full Windows app, but I hope everyone would expect that because it is clearly intended to monitor phone usage and provide usage alerts – it does not replace the function of Glasswire on Windows.

The interface is clear and, like Glasswire on Windows, is generally quite intuitive. It has been interesting to me how and when and how much various Android apps access service. I have not issues or problems to report – simply stating that the app appears to function properly and has caused me no concerns at all.

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So far @richlife69 is our only tester and we appreciate his feedback! I’m collecting emails of everyone else who asked to test and we’ll do a wider rollout in the next week or so.

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for testing.

@ Ken,
What sort of features does this Android app will have ?

  • Network Monitor
  • Firewall
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Usage Monitoring


Did you sign up to beta test? I recommend doing so, then you can see. I don’t want to do a full launch explanation/description here because I don’t think I’d do the app justice.

For the beta it has a full description, screenshots, etc…

Thanks for your patience on waiting.

@Ken_GlassWire has the wider rollout happened?

Nope, not yet. We hope to do it by Monday at the latest, and maybe today… not sure yet.

This app is really required for smartphone. The interface is clear and like windows. It has limited number of function.


Our Android app is new compared to our Windows app. We’re working to add more features to it.