Glasswire forces minimize

When in-game, Glasswire periodically pops up with window telling you to update…Unfortunately this popup forces any fullscreen game to minimise. I know the easy answer is to update glasswire, but would be good if this could be less intrusive.




We’re working on redesigning how the update system works so this won’t happen anymore. Sorry for the problem!

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cool yes i heard about the auto-update thanks

Has there been any progress on this? I keep getting minimized out of games at the worst possible time. Snooze mode needs to be reactivated every 24 hours and I don’t always remember, would prefer a more long term solution.


Thanks for reminding us of this. Perhaps we can just make Snooze permanent.

Hi, I just got minimised in the middle of a firefight in a ranked game once again due to glasswire kindly letting me know that an update is available for me to download at my convenience…

Imagine if at a local football league, a player gets possession of the ball, and right when that happens, a representative from glasswire walks onto the field, escorts him off and privately lets him know that they have released a new update and that he can download it any time from now whenever is convenient for him, meanwhile the opposition picked up the ball from the floor and scored an easy goal, potentially changing the outcome of the match and unfairly affecting the ranking of not only this player but his entire team.

That’s exactly whats going on here, and I’m not sure if this severe usability oversight is being taken as seriously as it should be.

Manually turning snooze mode on every 24 hours in case glasswire decide to update that day is not a solution. I really don’t want to have to uninstall glasswire over this but it is a SERIOUS ISSUE TO COMPETITIVE GAMERS.

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I’m sorry to hear about this problem.

Please go to GlassWire’s firewall tab and make GlassWire block itself while gaming and you won’t have this issue. Meanwhile I’ll see if we can escalate this issue.

It can not be more accurate than this. Thank you.

With GlassWire 1.0.91 we made a change to solve this. If you’re in “Snooze” mode (go to the top left GlassWire menu) you won’t get an update alert.

“Software update notifications will now no longer appear when GlassWire’s Snooze mode is on. This was requested by gamers who didn’t want to see our update notification while gaming, or streaming live.”