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Hello everyone, it’s great to be here. I have a question that may sound stupid, however I would like your help. When I look at my GlassWire graph, I see the up speed, the down speed, but what is the third graph? Thanks for your help!


If I understand your question correctly, I think you’re seeing the two colors of the graph mixing?

Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “Skins” to find some different colors that mix and see if that’s the case. For example try our “Orlok” theme that is less colorful.

Hi Ken, thank you for your response. On the graph, there are three colors, on the bottom left of the display, it indicates what two of the colors are. One the ‘Up’ speed and the other is the 'Down speed. However there is a third color mixing in with the up and down colors. What this indicate please? Thanks for help.

Could you email me a screenshot? - Include a link to this thread, thanks!

Hello Ken, you were right with your original analysis. The two graphs, were mixing together and creating a third color! The Glasswire graph defaults to the classic skin. I have now set it to ‘Aqua & Pink’ and only see two graph colors, thank a million for your assistance. I have one more question please, I use AVG -Anti Virus, the commercial version.However Glasswire has it own Anti-Virus built into the software, but AVG will not let me activate it for obvious reasons. I can DE-activate the AVG antivirus and use the Glasswire Antivirus. But in your professional opinion which one is the best one to use. Thanks again and take care.

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