Glasswire has started crashing constantly

As I mentioned in the title. The only thing I’ve added is Worms Armageddon multiplayer, I didn’t get a prompt to allow/deny, but I found it blocked under the ‘firewall’ tab. Glasswire started crashing before I made an exception though, as well as after the exception was made and it seems to be continuing now that I’m not playing W:A.

How can I get a log file or something to post here?

Please go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire, then go to the
ProgramData folder and delete the GlassWire folder there, then reboot
and reinstall our latest version and let me know if that solves it.

Ok… am I going to have to manually allow all of my allowed apps again?

I guess I don’t have much choice.

To answer my own question, yes you lose all of your associations when you reinstall in this manner. You also lose activation (though not color scheme for some reason), so any apps you have open after the reinstall will automatically be granted internet access because the only setting in free mode is "click to block."
This seems like an oversight, especially considering this was support advice and I wasn’t warned about the inconvenience and potential threats I would surely face.
If by the latest version, you mean the beta that came out in July then yes that is what I am using.

Other info:
Win 10 Pro x64 (latest standard updates)
Avira Pro (with firewall ‘on’ because Avira also modifies the windows firewall, set to ‘Notify when an app is blocked’, a notification which I have never seen)
Worms: Armageddon online and Nvidia Experience updates seem to be causing crashes.
Some programs (like those two above) will not prompt for permission at any point under “ask to connect” mode after being installed, then they will either show up blocked and not work after being unblocked - or they do not show up and cause glasswire to crash when you open them.

Now that I have reinstalled, I get prompted every time I try to open Nvidia experience first, to update experience and now, additionally, by GW to block or allow it. There are now several instances of NVIDIA Network Service etc. in the GW firewall tab but Nvidia XP still says unable to connect to Nvidia? Could be an Nvidia issue but I’ve never had problems connecting for updates before.

Very annoying :confused:

I didn’t realize Avira also accesses the Windows firewall. Is it possible that NVIDIA’s software could be blocked there and not by us?

I haven’t been asked to configure any settings for Avira and I’m pretty sure setting its firewall to ‘off’ would mean turning off the windows firewall. If you configure firewall settings in avira it takes you to that silly windows settings page, and in my case the windows firewall doesn’t seem to have any rules against nvidia. I just shut down GW and opened nvidia, couldn’t connect (so maybe nvidia issue). I then opened GW and there were new rules blocking nvidia in addition to all the ones allowing it :confused:

Thank you

What I can suggest next is to reinstall GlassWire a second time, but before reinstalling clear the current Windows Firewall rules and set them to the default, then try again.

The latest version of Avira Pro uses windows firewall that is the reason the new version is not so heavy on CPU than the previous one . Still that being the case then the commands that Avira use to control Windows firewall could conflict with the ones ,even manually set by GW . If you look at it like two separate orders for one firewall you are lucky its just minor problems not major when two firewalls are on the one system you can even have a system crash ,at worst . ON windows section of my PC I only have one firewall active that is the one that is part of my paid for virus/Internet security I disable Windows firewall ,even MS says dont run two at the same time…

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t realise that could cause problems. I’ll check with google/Avira support to see if it’s possible to nullify Avira’s interaction with the Windows firewall, then possibly reset all of the rules in the control panel (not ideal).

You can turn off Avira,s control of Windows firewall and just use GW+Windows control of it . You are not alone many people have a problem with Avira,s firewall some use other brands like comodo firewall + Avira (no firewall) but in this situation GW needs Windows firewall so that would be a non-starter (two firewalls active ) . This is down to logistics if Servo,s advice doesnt work then do you want to use GW,s indications but no use of firewall or Windows firewall and GW being able to use it.?