GlassWire in Android Work Profile/Secure Folder

Does anyone know how GlassWire handles data in a work profile or Secure Folder? I’m not seeing work profile data when it was installed in the primary profile, so I tried to install GlassWire in those profiles, but I am not seeing anything (see attached image). I understand this may be expected behavior/limitations but I just wanted to confirm.

Phone manufacturers make those folders secure so they can’t be accessed by third party apps. I don’t believe it’s possible for us to monitor those folders because they are designed so they should not and cannot be monitored.

I figured that would be the case from trying to monitor it outside of the work profile but the screenshot I provided is with GlassWire installed in the work profile. Any thoughts there or is that expected as well?

I don’t think installing it in the work profile will make any difference because the API we use to read data usage doesn’t exist in that profile.

Got it. That makes sense. Thanks!